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Our Mission
- thinkmathematics.com is designed for teachers of mathematics around the English speaking (for the moment)world. As experienced teachers of mathematics we recognise the need to constantly review, inform and improve our practice. As such it has become our mission to develop rich ideas, activities and resources designed to promote mathematical thinking and engagement. The contents of this website are the fruits of this process. We would not pretend or aspire to a comprehensive collection preferring to concentrate on the quality rather than the quantity of resources. Each resource can be used exactly as it is or taken, bent and twisted to suit the needs of the teachers and students in question. We hope you find useful activities and we welcome your feedback jnoble@thinkmathematics.com  

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Recently added resources


Percentages of Amounts: win, win, win!

Mathematics in the Renaissance - Cross subject renaissance day mathematics contribution

Simplifying Algebra & Quadratic Substitution - Loop Cards and Card/Dice Game

Introducing Calculus - An introduction to differentiation from first priciples (see video demo)

Prism People - Surface area of Prisms

Operating Fractions - Practising and Generalising

Pythagoras Theorem - Skewey Squares

Surface Area - Proving the Surface Area of a Cone

Sequences - Using Excel to generate and explore number sequences

Calculus Maxbox Problem - Visualise this classic calculus problem with a dynamic geometry package.

Trigonometry - Introduction - A collection of resources aimed at introducing or investigating the fundamental geometry at the root of trigonometry. As such it as applicable at many levels of study.

Circles - Discovering Pi - A favourite activity presented as a structured investigation using Cabri-geometre. There is also a screen capture video of the task being explained by the teacher.

Quadrilaterals - Distinguishing features - Video and resources for an activity designed to encourage classification by distinguishing features in the context of the set of quadrilaterals. Not atypically, this activity seems as at home in an IB maths studies class studying 'sets' as it does in a year 7 (11 year old) class.

Loci - Human Loci - A short video of students thinking about loci by constructing them themselves.


constructing congruent triangles

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